RE:: "Over the edge . . ." [Editor's note: Josiah Thompson took a new tack at this point by initiating a sequence of posts called "THE DISINFORMATION SERIES", in which he reiterated various arguments he had advanced in other fora as aspects of his ongoing attack upon me. He also ridiculed the idea that my training "as a professor" had made me a "sensitive disinformation de- tector", when I had claimed instead that it was my training "as a philosopher" that made me sensitive to abuses of logic and language.] RE:: THE DISINFORMATION SERIES: INTRODUCTION AND PART I. -- Josiah Thompson Posted by Jim Fetzer , Sat, Jan 06, 2001, 14:51:54 I don't know what's going on here. When I described myself as a "sensitive disinformation detector", it was not due to my training as a professor per se but as a philosopher! (I find it odd that Josiah can't even get that straight!) As I have explained in several previous posts, I really never thought of philosophy (analytic philosophy, including logic, critical thinking, and the philosophy of science) as "dis- information detection", but, to the extent to which disin- formation depends upon the abuse of logic and language, it is not a bad description--although, of course, it should not be exaggerated as though it were "all purpose", since there are many forms of disinformation--such as the creation, al- teration, or fabrication of medical, physical, and photo- graphic evidence--that a mere philosopher could not detect. When I call for "excising" disinformation and those who dis- seminate it, just as I call for "excising" those who were responsible for the death of the 35th President, I am en- dorsing the idea that they must be identified and exposed! Surely that is the least of our objectives as students of the assassination. I am not suggesting that they should be taken out and shot! And if this is not what we are about on this forum, then I am completely and totally mystified. I have always assumed that was our objective, even to the extent of seeing them incarcerated and even executed, if they were found guilty of crimes deserving of such penal- ties under the law. There is nothing "fascistic" or neo- Nazi-like in wanting disinformation to be identified and exposed nor in wanting those who were responsible for the death of JFK to be brought to justice! Quite the reverse! From his recent posts, this guy seems to me to be "verging toward madness" (to quote a phrase he has directed against me). I do not understand why my unwillingness to take him at face value as an open, honest, and diligent seeker after truth should have precipitated all this IF I AM NOT RIGHT! I therefore remain as bewildered as ever about who this guy really is. He is manifestly not the person he pretends to be, but I certainly cannot claim--and never have claimed-- that he works for some "shadowy government agency", as he has alleged. Indeed, the very phrase, "shadowy government agency", was introduced by HIM in another obvious attempt to smear me by exaggering where I stand. This is why he has repeatedly refused to discuss the chapter-and-verse words I have used in talking about him or assassination research. This technique, by the way, of taking a reasonable position and stretching it until it becomes hopelessly untenable, is called the straw man. This guy is a past master, and there is every reason to believe we are now in for an exhibition.


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