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Fetzer & Rev. Sun Myung Moon

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Subj: Fetzer & the Rev. Sun Myung Moon

The newsgroups have recently been the scene of some heated debates on the merits of the recently released book titled Assassination Science. The Author, James Fetzer, had some intense confrontations with Martin Shakelford and Howard Platzman. Fetzer has implied that Martin is some kind of disinformation agent. The readers might want to learn about an association of Jim Fetzer's with a book publisher that is owned by a man who is no stranger to "disinformation."

The "Moonies" are a religious cult headed by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Moon founded the Unification Church. A book company by the name of Paragon House has published several books that Jim Fetzer has authored or edited. Paragon House (and the Washington Times) are both owned by Sun Myung Moon. Here is information about Paragon House and about the books they have published by James Fetzer. I draw no conclusions about the motivation of Jim Fetzer to be involved with Paragon House. We'll leave it up to the reader to make their own interpretation.

This first section of information was found at...


Paragon House Publishers * 866 2nd Ave., NYC; 212-223-6433 (owned by Paragon Book Reprint Co., which is owned by International Cultural Foundation; also at 481 8th Ave., 212-239-7422

International Cultural Foundation * (I.C.F.) 1667 K St., NW, Washington, DC 20006; 202-293-9393; also 4 W. 43rd St., NYC 10036; 212-947-1756 (funds many church projects, especially Int'l Conf. on Unity of Sciences; sole shareholder of Paragon House Publishers) Neil Albert Salonen, President(former Pres. of Unif. Church of America, 1971-80)

International Conference for the Unity of the Sciences * (ICUS) 481 8th Ave., Rm 747, NYC 10001; 212-947-1756 (funded by Int'l Cultural Foundation)

The following information is from Paragon House's Web site.

Paragon House is a member of the Continuum Publishing Group, New York. In 1981, the International Cultural Foundation purchased Paragon Book and Reprint Corporation in New York, a company specializing in Asian books and Asian philosophy, and expanded it to a mid-size publishing house to support religious scholars, philosophers, social theorists, and scientists writing on issues affecting contemporary life. In 1996, the main office moved to St. Paul, Minnesota. 2700 University Avenue West, Suite 47, St. Paul, Minnesota 55114 USA Phone: (612)644-3087 -- Fax: (800) 494-0997

Here are the first three books listed in Paragon House's Website under category of philosophy:

Second Edition: Revised and Expanded

James H. Fetzer

This volume provides an introduction to cognitive science, the most exciting and fastest growing area of intellectual inquiry in the world today. It examines the principal problems that cognitive science addresses, the solutions it considers, and the intellectual landscape against which its importance may be measured.

ISBN 1-55778-739-5 Paper $16.95, References, Indexes, pp. 208


Chapter 1 A Science of Cognition
Chapter 2 Are we Brains in Vats?
Chapter 3 Minds and Machines
Chapter 4 The Nature of Language
Chapter 5 What is Mentality?
Chapter 6 Connectionism and Cognition
Chapter 7 Mental Development
Chapter 8 Are Humans Rational?
Chapter 9 Mentality, Causality, Morality

"Jim Fetzer's abilities as a stimulating teacher and as an insightful scholar are wonderfully woven together in Philosophy and Cognitive Science. He introduces a broad range of perspectives and insights on the interaction of philosophy and the rapidly developing disciplines of cognitive science.Reading [it] is a richly rewarding experience."
--William Bechtel, Washington University, and current Editor of Philosophical Psychology

"This is a good book. Innovative in its integration of computational and connectionist approaches with more traditional views of thought and representation, the book ably introduces a host of issues at the interface of philosophy of mind and cognitive science. It will be valuable to anyone with a general interest in cognitive science and should also be popular as a text."
--George Graham, University of Alabama, Birmingham, and former Editor of Behavior and Philosophy

JAMES H. FETZER is McKnight University Professor at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. He is author of Philosophy of Science and Foundations of Philosophy of Science: Recent Developments and co-author of Glossary of Epistemology/Philosophy of Science and Glossaryof Cognitive Science. He is Editor of Minds and Machines and Series Editor of Studies in Cognitive Systems.


University of Minnesota, Duluth
ISBN 1-55778-480-9, 512 pp., index, paper $28.95

Twenty-five classic and contemporary articles by Rudolf Carnap, Karl Popper, Carl Hempel, Wesley Salmon and many others provide accessible and stimulating reading in this growing field. Organized to correspond to the companion volume, Philosophy of Science, these papers investigate the methods and goals of empirical science and explore connections between the history and philosophy of science. Review questions and an extensive bibliography make Foundations of Philosophy of Science useful as both a supplemental and independent text for courses in philosophy and the social sciences.


University of Minnesota, Duluth
ISBN 1-55778-481-7, 195 pp., index, paper $16.95

The development of science has been a distinctive feature of human history in recent times, especially in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In light of the problems that define the philosophy of science today, James Fetzer provides a foundation for inquiry into the nature of science, the history of science, and the relationship between the two.

By emphasizing the importance of methodological commitments to the study of science and the significance of interpretations of probability to understanding laws of nature and scientific explanations, this book offers a welcome framework for investigating the most recent work and the most promising solutions to the central problems that arise within this discipline. The result is a timely introduction to an increasingly important field.

Clear, accessible, and comprehensive
Written by a major contributor to the field
Broad scope of coverage with concise discussion
Historical examples skillfully woven into the text
Companion anthology organized to correspond to the text

JAMES H. FETZER is professor of philosophy at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. In addition to publishing more than seventy articles and reviews, he is the author of Philosophy and Cognitive Science (1991), the editor of Foundations of Philosophy of Science: Recent Developments (1993), and coauthor of The Paragon Glossary of Cognitive Science (with Charles Dunlop, forthcoming), and The Paragon Glossary in Epistemology/Philosophy of Science (with Robert Almeder).


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