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JFK, 9-11, and the REAL America: Tying It All Together
by Jon Phalen 3:10pm Sat Nov 22 '03 (Modified on 6:08pm Mon Nov 24 '03)

An organic reconsideration of US history and major "conspiracy theories" of the past 40 years, including those pertaining to the 9-11 attack, and how they shed light on America's present drift into fascism.


What makes you think you actually KNOW what happened on those planes? All four were obliterated, along with everyone on board, remember? No crime scene, no direct evidence, no recognizable remains, no witnesses whatsoever -- it's a blank canvas. How convenient for any party intent on launching a new era of global imperialism, and willing to spin this tragedy into a viable excuse. Indeed, all of the attack's consequences are far better explained by this agenda than by Bin Laden's purported death wish. Those presuming to examine this matter, i.e. ALL OF US, need to recognize that such trickery is a timeless specialty of governments.

And yet from that very day we have allowed the government-media complex to focus all attention on one rather thin explanation: Crazy Arabs did it! George W. Bush and his cabinet have made it known to us, in the most arrogant terms, that they will brook no discussion of other possibilities -- an edict most Americans, in their desperation to believe in this man, seem to have embraced. The Bush Administration even withholds its "proof" of Al Qa'eda's guilt; clearly, it considers mere citizens too unimportant to require full explanations, and once again, we're just rolling over and taking it.

The phrases 'spiritually broken' and 'morally adrift' come to mind...

Until the full case against Al Qa'eda is made available for public review, we have absolutely no assurance that this "proof" isn't exactly like the "proof" of Iraq's weapons programs -- i.e., a big fat lie from top to bottom. On these terms, wholesale acceptance of the hijacker scenario will continue to be what it has always been: a pathetic display of blind faith in this administration's utterances, and in those of its media accomplices. At present, it is astonishing that anyone places faith of any kind in either party: by means of the "WMD" debacle, both have proven themselves amoral, duplicitous, and utterly devoid of humanity. Indeed, why do we give them so much as a moment of our attention? No one with a lick of sense would do this.

A rigorous civilian investigation of 9-11 would help resolve such doubts. If Bush and the rest were standing on firm ground, they would fully support such a thing. Instead, they have worked to thwart both its formation and its progress, using every resource within their reach. Some time last year, they seem to have realized they were only fueling suspicions this way, so Bush grudgingly approved an "independent" investigation. The arrogance of this bunch is so disabling, however, that they actually damaged their credibility even further by naming Henry Kissinger to lead it. This is a man whose dedication to "US interests" verges on homicidal psychosis (see his treatment of Cambodians 1970, Chileans 1973, East Timorese and Kurds 1975, MUCH more). He could only be expected to skew this investigation accordingly, i. e., to omit and cover up any issue not conducive to empire building. Ironically, even Henry had the sense to admit he was an inappropriate choice, thus resigning from this duty, whereupon Bush immediately returned to his original tactic of stonewalling (1). Could the man possibly have something to hide?

To appreciate the ugliest possibilities of the 9-11 attack, one must first become aware of the continuous practice of such manipulations by the entire progression of American politicians. The need to cultivate this awareness is itself an enigma: if you have the honesty to see this pattern at all, its full enormity, emerging over time, will at some point cause your previous ignorance to amaze you. Imagine living your entire life with an 800-pound gorilla, then realizing one day it's not a sofa, after all. At the same time, finding this enlightenment is challenging, because the relevant facts are usually withheld from the public for decades, seldom appearing in mainstream discourse even after they become common knowledge -- not because of some grand conspiracy, but because legions of 'America Firsters,' including most of the famous and powerful, simply don't want to hear it. The telling of these facts is an affront to their most cherished political assumptions. Invariably, they respond with hostile apologetics, ranging from simple denial and ridicule to the claim that such incidents are random and unrelated "mistakes." That they can sincerely believe this 'unrelated' claim is remarkable, given the way it crushes into dust under any burden of historical proof: America's state crimes have been ethically monstrous, vast in both scale and number, unilateral in their aggression, virtually uninterrupted in their chronology, and very coherent in both motive and method. Certain themes just keep popping up:

1) Greed, particularly for territory;

2) Supremacism, driven only partly by race, perhaps more so by delusions of national grandeur allowed to ramify without limit;

3) An enthusiasm for "total war" -- i. e., the indiscriminate butchery of entire populations. This seems most likely to happen when "strategic" territories, resources, or victories are at stake. That is, when those in authority feel they "must win," and so discard principle to whatever extent is necessary;

4) The systemic corruption and antidemocratic functioning of every level of American government, made abundantly clear by its relations with sworn enemies of the public interest, namely corporations;

5) The bid for global empire that has all but defined the American agenda since W.W.II, in flagrant violation of democratic principle.

This last "US interest," discussed openly by flacks and shills only since 9-11 suspended all moral judgment on such matters, actually represents the driving passion of our ruling elite, going all the way back to the Revolution. Indeed, grasping the means of power, beginning with sovereign domain, was their main motive for pursuing revolution at all. Starting then and continuing ever since, they have whipped the people up to support their warped appetites, even as they have misrepresented them spectacularly. EVERY SINGLE TIME we as a people have committed to a war of expansion, we have been duped into doing so by their twin handservants, American politics and American media:

1776 to 1890
innumerable 'Indian wars'
In which the western frontier was pushed through the territories of one Indian confederation after another, all the way to the Pacific. An early and definitive example is George Washington's post-revolutionary conquest of the Ohio Valley, where the Washington Family held deeds to immense tracts of prime real estate never actually ceded by the Indians. The lore that George was a "surveyor" is a populist distortion; he was no blue collar grunt, laying out property lines to earn a living. He was in fact the most ambitious of an elite family of 'land speculators' -- the colonial equivalent of venture capitalists -- and his toils were in the service of his own family fortune. Already one of the richest people in post-revolutionary America, he was determined to get even richer through the sale of his Ohio holdings, and wasn't about to be stopped by 'two-legged vermin' like the Shawnees and Miamis. To this end, he abused his dominance of the early federal government, arranging for Revolutionary War veterans (a battle-hardened militia) to be compensated with "land warrants" deep in Ohio's wilderness, far beyond his own holdings. He also encouraged the issuance of large bounties, equivalent to several months' income, for Indian scalps along the upper Ohio River. These were essentially open murder contracts that targeted ALL Indians, regardless of age, gender, or tribal affiliation. By this means, genocide was openly subsidized for decades wherever intact Indian cultures presented an obstacle to "progress." Primitive as media was, its role in all this was crude but sufficient: posting the bounties while inflaming the settlers' hatred with tales of Indian atrocities, real and imagined. In the Ohio Territory, these tactics rapidly progressed to open war, orchestrated by Washington against Tecumseh's Shawnee Confederation, and then to the total extermination and westward displacement of the Ohio tribes (2).

1846 to '48
The Mexican War:
Beginning in 1818, when the Oregon Territory was acquired, American imperialists developed an intense interest in California. Simply adding it piecemeal to their territorial inventory wouldn't have worked, however: it was too isolated, too defensible by the Mexicans. To take California, all of northern Mexico -- what is now California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and portions of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado -- would have to be taken, requiring the invention of some PRETEXT for doing so. In 1836, American "adventurers" (freelance political operatives) instigated a regional coup in the Mexican province of Texas, splitting it off to form an independent country, the Republic of Texas. Nine years later, this nation was annexed as the 28th state. Immediately afterward, President Polk made the predictable move of sending belligerent military incursions into disputed lands along the new border with Mexico. The Mexicans replied with patrols of their own, and then clashes developed, leading to the "spilling of American blood on American soil." Or so the press told it (their bias could be summed up in a phrase they coined around this time: "Manifest Destiny"). In fact, the soil in question was situated between the Nueces and Rio Grande rivers, an area both governments held equal claim to. But no matter -- the people eagerly accepted this distortion, Polk got his dirty little war, and then proceeded to steal something like 650,000 square miles of territory from our next-door neighbor. Add to this the previous criminal acquisition of territory from Mexico, i.e. the "Lone Star State," and the area usurped approaches one-third of the contiguous 48 states, or HALF of what was originally Mexico (3).

Some years later, a fantastic mineral strike in this stolen territory -- the Comstock Lode -- would provide the Hearst Family with an immense fortune, soon parlayed by William Randolph into an infamous media empire.

1898 to '99
The Spanish-American War/Philippine Campaign:
Though still a colonial client of Spain during the 1880s and '90s, Cuba was also a hotbed of insurrection, thanks to the efforts of Jose Marti and others. By 1898, the Cuban independence movement had Spain's colonial government on the ropes. The prominence of blacks among the rebels made this situation alarming for fin de siecle American royalists, among whom "Darwinist" (i.e. proto-Nazi) political thought was at the height of its popularity. Also, having just recently subdued the last free-roaming Indian tribes back home, their passion for grabbing other people's land could now be expanded into the Caribbean, Central America, and Pacific, via expanded activities of that handy agency, the US military. So in the fall and winter of 1897-98, the Hearst syndicate and other news organizations were blasting Americans with "yellow journalism" on the subject of Cuba -- sensational and often ludicrous accounts, custom made to induce support of US military intervention. The public thus primed, the sinking of the battleship USS Maine in Havana Harbor gave McKinley all the excuse needed to commence grabbing up not only Cuba, but also Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines. It was in the Philippines that the US military took "total war" beyond North America for the first time. Encouraged by the Filipino's uncanny resemblance to Native Americans, US troops mass-murdered something like 25% of the civilian population. As imperial outrages go, this was the equal of anything that's happened since (4).

A 1975 investigation led by Admiral Rickover determined that the Maine's hull was breached by an explosion originating INSIDE the ship. This could have been a spontaneous "coal-bin explosion," or it could have been a bomb placed by an imperialist traitor. As with 9-11, this catastrophe neatly erased any inconvenient witnesses to its real mechanics.

1917 to '18
World War I:
Three years into the "Great War," it looked as though Germany would defeat Britain and France, our primary capitalist hosts in Europe. Big financiers like J. P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller, who between them had billions invested "over there," weren't about to just sit back and watch this happen. They barked orders to their underling, Woodrow Wilson, who then declared war, using German interference with US shipping activities as a feeble pretext. Leading up to this, the media minions whipped the public into a war frenzy, basing their wildly manipulative propaganda on incidents such as the sinking of the Lusitania, two years earlier. Funny thing about the Lusitania: it's hold contained a secret, illegal, and massive cargo of ammunition and other materiel bound for Liverpool, and its passengers were used as unwitting human shields for this cargo by the US government, which is why they died. Neither Wilson nor the media of the day ever admitted any of this (5).

The dynamics behind America's entry into World War II were virtually identical. Over 500,000 Americans died in these two wars, with 875,000 more wounded, and an additional and unknown number emotionally shattered, all of which brought untold misery to their families and communities. Given the choice between destroying all those lives or allowing the likes of Morgan and Rockefeller to suffer the tragedy of somewhat less obscene wealth, our "representatives" chose the former as the lesser sacrifice.

1941 to '45
World War II:
France already lying crushed beneath Hitler's war machine, and Britain under a devastating siege, the White House was once again compelled to intervene on behalf of its capitalist masters, whose European investments had grown two magnitudes since the close of W.W.I. Unlike Wilson, however, FDR did a truly brilliant job of constructing a pretext. in September of 1940, Germany, Italy, and Japan signed the Tripartite Pact, a treaty committing all three countries to counterattack against new foes faced by any one of them. This gave Roosevelt a back door into Europe via the Pacific. Beginning one month later, and fourteen months prior to the Pearl Harbor attack, he launched secret military and economic operations against the Japanese Empire, obstructing its only access to oil, rubber, and other strategic resources. The Japanese response to this blockade -- open hostilities against the United States, beginning with a crippling preemptive attack on the Pacific Fleet -- was entirely predictable. In fact, it was Roosevelt's whole purpose in setting up the blockade: Nearly unanimous "isolationist" sentiment at home was his first military target, and precipitating a "vicious sneak attack on US soil" was his deliberate design for destroying that sentiment. For this reason, he concentrated the Pacific Fleet in Hawaii as never before, where it would be seen as an imminent threat by Japanese generals. He then withheld intelligence of Japan's attack preparations from Pearl's top officers, continuing to exclude them even when radio intercepts revealed the movement of a Japanese carrier group toward Hawaii (6).

From 1941 to '46, and again in 1995, Congress investigated "the intelligence lapses that made this sneak attack possible" no less than NINE TIMES. On all of these occasions, officials of the Roosevelt Administration and the Office of Naval Intelligence perjured themselves and concealed vast amounts of evidence to preserve the historical fictions surrounding the Pearl Harbor attack. To this day, the NSA claims "national security" as its basis for withholding relevant material from the public. "National security" stands revealed, then, as a euphemism for this government's ruthless grip on power -- a thing that certainly would be threatened, were we to become fully aware of the treacheries it spawns. This context radically transforms "national security" rhetoric into an ideal excuse for all sorts of betrayals and deceits, and this seems to be it's actual interpretation among those who "safeguard" it.

The agonies of Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, etc. under Hitler, not to mention those of the Chinese and Koreans under the Japanese Empire, were incidental at best to US motives for pursuing W.W.II, both before and during. It was only afterward that the camps were seized upon as a full-blown "pretext in retrospect" to maximize America's apparent heroism. With each year that has passed since, this myth has been more shamelessly advanced, so that now some stunning percentage of Americans believe that "halting genocide" was their government's main motive for waging war at all.

1945 to '89
The Cold War (a.k.a. W.W.III):
was launched by the closing episode of W.W.II, i. e. the atomic bombing of Japan. President Truman's official rationalization for the bombing, trumpeted ad nauseum by the media of the day, was that it was the only way to end the war quickly, thus avoiding a horrific house-by-house assault of the entire Japanese Archipelago. In fact, the Japanese were already making conditional surrender overtures. Accepting their terms, however, would have made Truman's victory conditional as well, and he was determined to humiliate them. Even the total surrender he insisted on was only a few months away, by all signs. Meanwhile, the war in Europe having ended in May, the Russians were now free to join the allied fight against this old enemy of theirs, and were preparing to do exactly that. Given enough time to enter the Pacific War, they would have claimed a portion of Japan upon its surrender, just as they had recently claimed the eastern half of Europe. To keep the Soviets from horning in on this pending crown jewel of America's Pacific Empire, Truman needed his total victory immediately, and The Bomb gave him an irresistible means by which to secure it. As an early devotee of anti-Communist paranoia, he was also confronting the Russians with a demonstration of America's 'invincible technological prowess.' Finally, his decision to vaporize 200,000 Japanese civilians was made easier by his avowed hatred of the entire race (7).

The cover provided by the Cold War enabled the United States to pursue its largest campaign of expansion by far, extending its economic and strategic tentacles into every corner of the planet and even into space by means of literally hundreds of "anti-Communist" initiatives, interventions, and proxy wars. Our present "global hegemony," a source of endless glee for Bush and other miscreants, didn't "just happen" -- it was the overarching and unspoken goal of US Cold War politics.

Another important thing to understand about the Cold War: the "War on Terrorism" is directly adapted from it, just as the Cold War itself developed directly from W.W.II, which was in turn a direct consequence of W.W.I, which was Germany and Britain vying with one another for world domination -- a contest America ended up winning. What an epic of greed-crazed murderous lunacy! One that the present regime seeks only to perpetuate, and for the same reasons as always: expansion and consolidation of empire.

1950 to '53
The Korean War:
To coerce public support for this war, the press and the Truman Administration whipped up public hysteria about the "Red Menace!" that was then "swallowing up" obscure Far Eastern precincts. No mention, of course, that the mounting anti-US sentiment in those precincts resulted entirely from collaboration between US occupation forces and the Japanese fascists they were supposedly there to remove. This collaboration ranks as one of the most arrogant foreign policy blunders in US history. For people throughout the Far East, it was an unbearable betrayal, as it effectively prolonged what had already been one of the most gruesome and protracted military occupations EVER. Similar dynamics had already developed in mainland China, a hornet's nest so immense that withdrawal quickly resolved as our only sane option. And also in the Philippines, where US troops and Huk rebels started out fighting side by side to expel the Japanese. Indigenous sovereignty being the Huk's ultimate goal, the Americans began killing them, too, as the Japanese were subdued. Two thousand miles from all these places, in French Indochina, the exact tensions seen in Korea arose AGAIN in response to brutal French/Japanese collaboration -- abetted by American field agents, naturally (8).

In all four places, revolutionary leaders greatly admired America's political tradition of anti-colonialism and self-determination, and sought to claim these values for their own countries. They even made earnest attempts to form friendships with the US; they thought colonialism was a 'european thing,' so that we must therefore be 'the good guys.' For strategic planners back in Washington, all this was at odds with their grand design for the Far East: now being vacated by its previous colonial tenants, it was seen as a "power vacuum," fairly begging for RE-colonization according to America's obfuscated formula of puppet politics and corporate infiltration.

American society has yet to recover from the "Red Menace!" propaganda barrage, which soon became a constant theme of international news coverage, and remained so for the next 40 years. As a means of inducing mass paranoia and public consent to limitless militarization, the "Red Menace" lost its punch following the collapse of the Soviet Union, necessitating its replacement with a more robust methodology -- the "Terrorist Menace!" Nazi Germany and Israel being the great innovators of this second method, America owes a great debt to both of them.

1965 to '73
The Vietnam War:
By way of manipulating Congress into granting him war powers, LBJ reprised the "vicious sneak attack" gambit with his brazen lies regarding such action by the North Vietnamese against US Navy vessels in the Gulf of Tonkin. Beginning in 1969, Nixon and Kissinger expanded on this crime enormously, adding Laos and Cambodia to North Vietnam as targets of a redoubled 'total war' initiative. Several million tons of cluster bombs were then used to totally destroy vast civilian districts in all three countries (districts simply crawling, mind you, with subsistence farmers bent on global domination). All of which exactly repeated the pattern of the Korean War -- right down to America not winning (9).

As huge as the American effort against Vietnam was, it was just one element of a yet more enormous strategy of military encirclement (a.k.a. "containment") directed against mainland China. Other elements were: the permanent and massive US military presence in Japan; a similar presence in Thailand; unlimited military and economic support to Chiang Kai-Shek's exile government on Formosa (Taiwan); the Korean War and subsequent permanent US military presence in Korea; a strong strategic interest in India, including covert support of an otherwise preposterous nuclear weapons program; also, a US-equipped and -trained covert army of Chinese "nationalists" in eastern Burma, within what became known as the "Golden Triangle." It was here that the CIA first learned of the marvels of the international heroin trade.

To advance its "interests," the US government has manipulated the affairs of every region of the planet on this same incredible scale, and continues to do so. Other hotspots include Europe, the Middle East, Central Africa, and all of Latin America and the Pacific.

1991 to 2003
The Gulf War / "No-fly Zones" / Sanctions:
To con Americans into backing this outrage, Daddy Bush and his media bed-buddies told a couple real whoppers. First there was the one about the satellite photographs of a massive Iraqi invasion force assembling on the northern border of Saudi Arabia (10). Then there was the Kuwait Incubator Hoax, an inventive revival of the childish "babies on bayonets" propaganda of World War I -- as told by a child, no less (11). As it turned out, Operation "Desert Storm" was merely the opening episode of a ruthless destabilization program, aimed primarily at hapless civilians, that would continue for over a decade, killing no less than 500,000 Iraqis in a fairly obvious attempt to turn them against their head of state. This fulfills any sane definition of terrorism, and is probably the most grandiose recent example of the state-sponsored variety. It was maintained with enthusiasm by the Clinton Administration.

2001 to present
The "War on Terror" (a.k.a. W.W.IV):
Pretexts include: 1) the 9-11 attack; 2) this Administration's single-minded incrimination of Al Qa'eda (a CIA proxy), backed up with such things as; 3) an obviously fraudulent videotape of Osama "confessing;" 4) the conceit that Al Qa'eda's guilt justified a full-scale invasion of Afghanistan (the combined strike force for which began building up at least six months prior to 9-11, disguised as a "war game"); 5) an implied equation between Al Qa'eda and Iraq's Ba'athite regime, and; 6) the absurd fantasy that Iraq, a country left all but helpless by the previous campaign, might pose a real threat to the world's deadliest strategic power.

By rights, I should have included the Civil War in this run-down: all the ingredients are there, with antidemocratic preservation of domain being equivalent to expansion. Also, the fable that 'freeing the slaves' was its entire purpose has to rank among the wildest disinformation campaigns ever perpetrated upon Americans by our "free press."

Though they never precipitated the full-scale wars their authors had in mind, a few other nasty episodes are especially relevant to 9-11:

Operation "Northwoods"
A Pentagon plan for a massive "false flag" terror campaign against American citizens, the purpose being to provide pretext for a full-scale invasion of Cuba. If approved, it would have entailed such things as sniper attacks on random US citizens (a la the DC sniper), terrorist bombings, and a bogus missile attack on an unmanned, remote-controlled US airliner in the Caribbean, the plane's fictitious passengers to be reported as "entirely lost." All of this was to be carried out by US intelligence agents posing as Cuban operatives, whose dirty work would translate directly into the sort of massive public manipulation campaign this government always launches when it sees profit in war. The Northwoods plan was called off by Robert McNamara only when it was submitted for executive approval, having already been approved by every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (12).

Northwoods would never amount to anything more than a glimmer in some agency psychopath's eye. In Europe, however, the CIA's most deranged anti-leftist terror tactics were actually implemented ...

Operation "Stay Behind"; Operation "Gladio"
As part of a larger US withdrawal strategy following W.W.II, the CIA created underground right-wing militias throughout Western Europe, to be activated as guerilla armies in the event of invasion by the Soviets. These were known as "Stay Behind" forces; they were a rogue's gallery of mercenary scum, dominated by devout ex-Nazis recruited by SS-cum-CIA agent Reinhard Gehlen. As the years passed and the Soviets failed to provide the anticipated invasion, the Stay Behinds resorted to other means of justifying their CIA paychecks. All across Europe, beginning in the 1950s, they morphed into right-wing hit squads and terrorist groups. They participated in massive CIA-NATO destabilization efforts against the Soviet Bloc countries, assassinating Soviet officials, sabotaging industrial plants and public infrastructure, and generally terrorizing civilian populations. The pattern should be familiar from similar terror campaigns against Cuba and Nicaragua. In East Berlin, the activities of Stay Behind units were the primary reason for the construction of the Berlin Wall. The Stay Behinds did not limit their mayhem to the Soviet Bloc, however; as time passed, their attention turned more and more to equivalent activities within their NATO home countries. Throughout Western Europe, particularly in Italy, leftist politics had a stronger following than it has seen in the US since the 1930s, and the Stay Behinds were the CIA's primary footsoldiers in its "dirty tricks" campaign against this percieved enemy. In a psy-war effort to alienate the public from the political left, they launched bogus left-wing terror outfits (the "Baader-Meinhof Gang") or framed real leftist undergrounds (the "Red Brigades") for atrocities they committed themselves. In Italy, where the Stay Behind operation was code-named "Gladio," agents posing as left-wing extremists perpetrated many public bombings during the '70s, killing at least 300 people. These culminated in the August 1980 Bologna Train Station Bombing, which killed 86. The 1978 kidnapping and murder of Aldo Moro was another Gladio exploit. These activities had one purpose: to portray the political left as public enemy number one, thus isolating it domestically while building consent for military escalation and NATO aggression against the Soviets (13).

* * * * * * * * *

So what's it all about, anyway, all this intrigue and stomping of jackboots on distant shores? Thanks to its unrivaled military strength and exceptional geographic isolation (oceans make bitchin' moats), this country is all but perfectly invulnerable to invasion, and repelling invaders would seem to be the only defensible function of armies. No one's invaded this country since the War of 1812, when British expeditions came out of Canada, Florida, and the Gulf of Mexico. Don't expect a repeat anytime soon. Although a massive one, the Pearl Harbor Attack was still just a raid, on what at the time was this country's farthest-flung primary military base.

To keep the entire planet under its thumb, our government burdens us with the gargantuan cost of the world's largest military, which it mostly uses to crush pitiful rebellions in the remotest and poorest corners of the world, places we truly have no business being in. This is exactly like a bully swaggering around a schoolyard, shaking down all the little kids. Is that really how you want your government representing you to the rest of the world? Shouldn't DOMESTIC policy take priority instead? Things like adequate health care and effective primary education -- programs that would serve the wants and needs of YOU, their citizen, whom they claim to be their master. But this is not their priority, and never has been. The geometric growth of this economy, by various forms of conquest, is their abiding passion, with domestic policy being attended to almost as an afterthought. To force our consent, they hypnotize us with lurid visions of one boogeyman after another, maintaining childish fear as our primary political sensibility, keeping us dependent, trusting, stupid, distracting us from our own self-interests...

Why is that?


The average American, who spends his or her life chained to the machinery of wealth production, watching their share of its output dwindle steadily, sure as hell doesn't. The stratum of society that truly gains from all this just happens to be the same one that finds employment in high-level intelligence positions: big-time spooks like Kermit Roosevelt, the Dulles brothers, Nelson Rockefeller, George H. W. Bush -- i. e. America's ruling families. In their parlance, "US Interests" is just doublespeak for global empire and corporate colonialism, and these have always been the real purposes behind their warmongering.

All told, these wars killed over a million US soldiers, along with many times this number of civilians and combatants in the lands invaded, and this isn't even touching on the dozens of proxy wars that have been the American Empire's main battle front for going on sixty years. All of these millions of people, American and foreign alike, were MURDERED by a government intent on advancing the interests of a tiny minority while betraying the rest of humanity; a government willing to wield its power in their service in any manner, including technological and economic terror campaigns waged against entire national populations. And yet this government has the audacity to call itself a "beacon of hope to the world!" And the majority BELIEVE THEM!! It simply amazes.

America's shadowy patricians were already too powerful before the Cold War. And then decades of public hysteria borne of imminent nuclear annihilation delivered them into the fabled realm of "absolute power." This has been pretty obvious. Americans have avoided realizing it only by actively pursuing a mental state of utter denial on this subject, sort of like the three monkey icons of Shinto. Thanks to this determined ignorance, keeping the rest of us in the dark has been childishly easy for people like the Bushes. They can even be incredibly brazen and sloppy and get caught red-handed, as with Watergate. No biggy: just tell all the boobs it was Nixon acting alone, assisted by his best buddies, who just happened to be, um, CIA agents. Yah. They'll never notice this story's unbelievable stench; they'll be too relieved at having any sort of excuse to NOT think about it. You know, just like when the Warren Commission's whitewash came out.

One hypothesis is particularly good for sending 'America Firsters' into an apoplexy of denial: that the political culture now emerging in Washington is actually a product of 40 years of covert penetration into the Executive Branch. To substantiate this, one need look no further than the lineage of our present "leader." His grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a military spy during W.W.I, a key financial collaborator with the Nazis, and a US Senator. His father, George H. W. Bush, was heir to the CIA realm under our most infamous presidential regime, a fixture in presidential politics for 20 years, and all in all one of the creepiest figures ever to darken the American political stage. The 'quiet coup' that brought this man to power traces back to the Eisenhower Administration, when the utterly creepy "National Security" underworld first became a secret and malevolent force in national politics -- a force whose power is still nearly impossible to measure. There are ominous glimpses, though: in 1960, Eisenhower's VP and political heir, Richard M. Nixon, was shouldered aside by John F. Kennedy, who over the next three years developed grave misgivings about this underworld and its power. Then he ended up dead, and yes, his assassination DID stink of black ops, as did the similar jobs on Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and his kid brother "Bobby," who would have been the SECOND Kennedy to sour Nixon's presidential hopes, had he lived to see the 1968 election...

Though the CIA denies it, several independent sources identify George H. W. Bush as a high-ranking agent during the Kennedy Administration, commanding covert operations against Cuba. The ships used in Operation "Zapata" (the "Bay of Pigs" invasion) were named by him, it is said, after members of his family. Those names indeed correspond with those of his wife and children. Among the most conclusive sources is an official memorandum from J. Edgar Hoover, dated November 29, 1963, which refers to a "Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency" (14). The memo refers to Bush's evaluation of emotional reactions to Kennedy's assassination among Cuban exiles under his watch.

From here, Bush the Elder went on to become a protege of Richard Nixon's, was a mid-echelon member of his cabinet beginning in 1971, had very interesting connections to CREEP, and somehow eluded Congress's Watergate dragnet.

Watergate and a few other incidents proved that Nixon had a most unwholesome relationship with the CIA. Once this scandal had hemorrhaged to the point that Congress could no longer avoid taking action, containing the damage could be seen as the main theme of its response -- a hallmark of Congressional investigations. There was far too much eagerness to examine this matter only in terms narrowly relating to impeachment, thus leaving larger questions wholly unexplored: did the Watergate break-in really happen on Nixon's orders, or was the intelligence underworld acting on its own, using 'dirty tricks' to prop up their man in the White House, exactly as it has on countless occasions for entire puppet governments all over the world? In the latter case, letting Nixon take the fall would have been an extreme measure, but possibly the only sure way to divert attention from an abhorrent and illegal power structure, thus preserving it. Nixon himself would have been a likely author of this tactic, as it was he who trumped Congress' investigation by resigning, whence the entire matter was eagerly dropped.

Bone-tired of Watergate in any case, the public was predisposed to accept Nixon's implied guilt as the final answer: "responsibility can't go any higher than the President, right? Harry 'the buck stops here' Truman said so." In reaching this conclusion, we were assisted by major media organs, which immediately began spinning this as Watergate's "final resolution." In fact, this conclusion resolved nothing -- it left the most crucial questions hanging in mid-air, soon to be shrouded in rhetoric by professional apologists from all quarters. Its only definite outcome was the softening of a renewed public spirit of scrutiny and resistance, which in turn allowed a deadly authoritarian cancer to resume its march throughout our body politic. After going underground for seven years, this cancer emerged in full force as the Reagan Administration.

Dubya's announcement last April of another bogus 'conclusion' -- that of his Hitlerian conquest of Iraq -- had a strikingly similar effect. Once again, mounting vigilance was undone by a well-timed lie, universally disseminated.

Following Nixon's resignation, Poppy finally hit the big-time when Gerald Ford named him Director of the CIA. After toppling Carter, he became VP himself, and for the next twelve years was at the center of the Reagan era's continuous parade of treasonous covert operations. A few highlights: 1) the campaign to prevent an "October Surprise," in which Bush & Co. induced the Iranians to delay release of the American embassy hostages, thus undermining Carter's re-election bid; 2) an inhuman terror campaign against the people and government of Nicaragua, even after Congress declared it illegal, at which point the CIA was forced to devise covert funding arrangements such as 3) "Iran-Contra" and 4) operation "Watchtower." This last episode, which was going on around the time of Bush Senior's succession, is easily the most incredible: the CIA was a major domestic smuggler and distributor of "Crack" cocaine during the late '80s, when this drug became an inner-city plague (15).

At this point, the CIA was contemptuously wiping its ass with the Constitution, and got completely away with it. If this were truly the America the Boy Scouts taught you to believe in, the exposure of operation "Watchtower" would have destroyed the CIA.

Late in Reagan's second term, 60 minutes was granted a horrifying personal interview with Ronnie and Nancy in the Oval Office. Horrifying because, even though Reagan's Alzheimer's wasn't disclosed for several more years, it was perfectly obvious the man was totally gone. Faced with a steady stream of unscripted questions from Mike Wallace, Reagan's usual patter rapidly degenerated into stark senile mumblings. Desperate to conceal her husband's incoherence, Nancy kept practically thrusting her face into the cameras. This is consistent with puzzled accounts of writers and artists of the time, who, as dinner guests of the Reagans, were mystified as to how such an oaf could present himself so effectively on television.

All of which implies a striking parallel between the Reagan Presidency and that of Bush II: in both cases, Bush Senior can be discerned as the man behind the curtain, while the "president" is a mere speech reader, whose real job is to keep the public distracted with his amiable, vacuous, universally televised performances. Dubya's main puppeteers -- Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Powell -- are all Poppy's cronies, going all the way back to the Nixon Administration. The five Supreme Court Justices who put Junior in power are also Nixon/Reagan/Bush cronies, and their cancellation of democratic process was a classic "installation," reminiscent of the CIA's long-running antidemocratic escapades throughout the world.

It has Poppy's pawprints all over it.

If not for daddy's influence, Silver Coke-spoon Boy would be lucky to find work fishing golf balls out of water hazards at the local country club. This is obvious, and widely acknowledged. Most Americans, however, aren't willing to examine the enormously sinister ramifications, given Poppy's background, of the Bush Family's dynastic grip on American politics. Most Americans, after all, are a weak-minded lot -- though harassed by apparitions of unprecedented corruption, they lack the courage needed to fix their gaze upon them.

Which brings us to 9-11...

The most venerable means of transmitting control inputs from a plane's cockpit to its various aerodynamic control surfaces (rudder, ailerons, etc.) is via a system of cables, i.e. "aircraft cables." With the introduction of huge planes during and after W.W.II, unassisted human arms could no longer provide the force needed to actuate proportionately huge control surfaces, and so hydraulic assist devices and fully hydraulic control systems were developed. The introduction of autopilots and landing guidance systems over the next three decades layered yet another 'control system' over this one, an electronic layer capable of manipulating the hydraulics directly and thus flying the plane on its own. In the 757- and 767-series planes boarded by "the hijackers," Boeing expanded this layer enormously, making it much more sophisticated and integral to the continuous operation of these planes. For one thing, it continuously monitors such things as attitude, acceleration, turn rates, etc., and if necessary can assert exclusive control of the hydraulics at any time, modifying or even overriding pilot decisions that would otherwise result in drastic maneuvers, inappropriate for passenger service. Though meant to provide an added margin of safety in the event of gross pilot error, this arrangement introduces an ominous new dimension: in a very real sense, the humans on the flight deck have only tenuous control of flaps, rudder, etc.; the computer, the arbiter between the two, allows them direct control only on it's own immutable terms. If the computer can override the pilot some of the time, a potential exists for it to override the pilot ALL of the time. This is a vulnerable arrangement, as anyone who has dealt with a virus should know. In other words, the advancing dependency on avionic interfaces has brought with it an advancing potential for the total electronic co-optation of those interfaces. As they have grown exponentially in complexity, so too has the number of entry points by which such co-optation might be effected. All that was needed was for technologists to devise a "back door"...

Enter the US government and its defense contractors, who began joint development of remote flight control and flight circumvention technology at least two decades ago, using the full force of their virtually infinite R&D resources. The existence of these programs, and of the resulting technology, was verified soon after 9-11 by a panel of commercial and military pilots participating in an independent inquiry (16).

The existence of such technology IN ANY FORM raises intriguing questions/possibilities about 9-11: 1) could the planes have been hijacked via this technology alone? 2) Were they? 3) Remote hijacking and on-board hijacking are not mutually exclusive scenarios; if there were actual human hijackers on those planes, their plot may have been remotely co-opted by another party they knew nothing about, leaving them as horrified as anyone when the planes took control of themselves and banked straight into buildings.

Photographic evidence and eye-witness accounts support the idea that the override functionality of the planes' computers was somehow defeated, allowing "the hijackers" to make prohibited maneuvers. For example, there are multiple photographs and video clips showing AA Flight 175 making an outrageously hard turn into the second tower. According to official information, the plane that hit the Pentagon also made aerobatic descent maneuvers worthy of a fighter pilot. To have flown the planes in this manner, Atta and the rest would have needed 1) advanced large plane skills, and 2) a way to defeat the planes' avionic systems. Since that flight school they attended in Venice, Fla. probably didn't offer a course titled "Hot-dog Maneuvers with Airliners 101," they must have possessed these abilities already, so why would they have bothered with flight lessons at all? Any benefit they realized in terms of understanding new control layouts would have been at the cost of increased exposure, thus endangering their mission. On the other hand, if they were as inexperienced as the presstitutes tell us ("I just want to learn how to steer"), they couldn't possibly have flown the planes this way at all, which means someone else must have.

However distasteful, there is a real possibility that remote circumvention occurred on those planes, a possibility that any credible investigation would hardly ignore. All the more so because the necessary hardware isn't just a cockamamie theory: a fully developed, totally programmable remote flight control platform actually exists. Suggestively named the "Flight Termination System," it is manufactured by Systems Planning Corporation of Rosslyn, Virginia, which maintains web pages devoted to the FTS and various subsystems:

A system overview:


The transmitter hardware:


Related software:


The CEO of Systems Planning's international division, Dov Zakheim, is a long-time DoD and Republican Party insider, and a founding member of the Neoconservative cult. While Bush was still Governor of Texas, Zakheim became one of his closest advisers, counseling him on defense technology and strategic aspects of Middle Eastern affairs. After the 2000 "election," Rummy rewarded Zakheim with a low-profile but strategically important position -- Comptroller, i.e. head money man, of the Defense Department.

Zakheim also co-authored the Heritage Foundation's infamous tract, "Rebuilding America's Defenses," in which the Bush Administration's entire design for renewed global conquest was laid down a full year prior to 9-11. On page 63, the authors note that timely implementation of their ideas would require "some catastrophic and catalyzing event -- like a new Pearl Harbor."

see for yourself:


To identify the expansionist motive behind the "9-11 Wars," one need look no further than this document. Echoing Ziggy Brzezinski's thoughts in "The Grand Chessboard," the authors identify the Persian Gulf / Central Asian region as the world's greatest geopolitical prize, and recommend that decisive control of this region be made a top strategic priority.

The remote control scenario also neatly punctures the 'yada-yada objection' always employed by conspiracy theory critics: "It couldn't have happened that way, because too many people would have known, and someone would blab..." In fact, the most sensitive part of this plot would be that of anticipating or enabling nineteen flesh-and-blood "hijackers," and yet this part of the scenario is all but universally accepted. Nineteen men backed by a larger organization schemed to get on those planes and take control of them, and then they did; everyone knows they did because CNN has stated this "fact" about ten thousand times and counting. As for exactly WHICH organization did the backing, well, there's a saying about 'dead men' ...

Once the patsies were in position, the rest of this scenario -- the "really unbelievable part" -- could have been carried off in its entirety by a tiny team wielding extravagant technical skills and multimillion-dollar equipment. No larger conspiracy is necessary. As for the apparent complicity of the entire government and media, this is mostly just cynical opportunism and jello-brained obedience rising to the occasion -- a response easily anticipated by the real conspirators, for whom history provides a never-ending parade of examples on which to base such expectations.

Mind you, this is not to say that remote circumvention is definitely what happened. On its face, this scenario is wildly improbable. Speaking of improbable, what about four airliners being taken over simultaneously and used as missiles? Since this actually happened, we have no choice but to consider fantastic scenarios, and since the official scenario is itself an unsubstantiated "conspiracy theory," competing scenarios should also receive serious attention. Our reluctance to question official doctrine on this matter is a symptom of the societal role most of us have been bred and trained for: to be ever-faithful hounds, tails thumping the floor as we contentedly slorp the hand of class authority. Such credulity also becomes inevitable when the alternative is so unbearable: if someone in Bush's position is capable of lying to us about something as huge, as gut-wrenchingly horrible as 9-11, then everything we believe about this country -- about the nature of civilization itself -- might just be childish nonsense...

Most people simply don't have the guts to go there.

Given a desperate enough need to sustain the childish belief in government-as-benevolent-father, a person will adapt that belief to any circumstance. The behavioral end result can resemble courage; indeed, we are taught to regard it as the DEFINITION of courage. Actually, it's one of cowardice's darkest moments. Even a casual examination of Nazi Germany, where this phenomenon was rampant, will drive this point home.

It's almost funny, the way people readily see the threat of technological circumvention presented by Diebold's electronic voting machines, yet when the subject switches to the "Flight Termination System," which is every bit as real, and to the exactly parallel possibilities it represents vis-a-vis 9-11, they suddenly retreat into profound and combative denial. It's as if a threshold has been crossed into a realm of possibilities too vile to entertain, so they simply don't. Never mind that this country's operatives have been traveling the world, perpetrating similar horrors, for all of the past century. Rather than acknowledge the possibility of a unifying pattern, Joe Average would much rather 'shoot the messenger.'

Every so often, such people establish a new high-water mark for cowardice and facultative stupidity, and the present is definitely one of those times. After all, the official 9-11 scenario they cling to with such desperate faith comes from only one source: the Western "intelligence community" -- the most brazen, systematic, resourceful, and interlocked association of habitual liars this world has ever seen. As should have been made clear by the 'British dossier' scandal of last winter, the credibility of this bunch goes past zero into the negative: pending airtight proof, anything they say should be reflexively deemed a lie. You may remember that MI5 also provided the identities of "the 19 hijackers" -- information that soon also became quite suspect. At least six of the hijackers, possibly as many as nine, are still alive in the Middle East -- a pretty good alibi, considering. Several of these ex-suspects had their passports or other IDs stolen from them over the years, and it's entirely possible that all 19 hijackers had stolen identities, meaning they could have come from anywhere, or been absent altogether. The US media was pretty slack about acknowledging this at the time, and since then has dropped this ball entirely (17).

Rather than allow the "intelligence community" to render every detail of our comprehension on this matter, we would be much wiser to carefully identify and discard every assumption they hand us.

Far from being a source of independent corroboration, our "free press" is more like a public relations contractor for the spooks. This is because the entire fourth estate AND the governments of the West, including their intelligence services, are essentially employees of a single entity: the US-dominated coalition of international corporations -- by several magnitudes the largest concentration of wealth in human history.

The subjugation of governments by such an entity is hardly unprecedented. The Twentieth Century saw several extremely unsavory examples. It's called Fascism. You don't need to take my word for this -- just peruse the opinions of acknowledged experts:

Benito Mussolini:

Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism
because it is a merger of State and corporate power.

Franklin D. Roosevelt:

The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate
the growth of private power to the point where it becomes
stronger than the democratic state itself. That in its essence
is fascism - ownership of government by an individual, by a
group or any controlling private power. Among us today
a concentration of private power without equal in history is

For many Americans, the word 'fascist' instantly evokes jackbooted Germans wearing Swastikas and stuffing Jews into ovens. In fact, that representation is a cardboard diorama, empty of nuance and historically specific almost to the point of meaninglessness, which is why the closet fascists who own the media keep force-feeding it to you.

Fascism is certainly a violation of every noble and enlightened political impulse. To advance their agenda, fascists must bring about a mass rejection of egalitarian and democratic ideals, and seem to get the best results by inflaming and feeding upon common fears and popular bigotries -- racist, nationalist, classist, religious, political, etc. ANY set of bigotries, suitably stimulated, will provide fertile soil for fascism, and the incurably ignorant, always a majority, are easily swayed by such methods -- fascism is a dictator's fantasy formula for subverting democracy. Bigotry, however, isn't fascism's whole essence; it's simply an expedient means by which fascism's agents, classic political pragmatists, consolidate the monolithic pattern of government corruption that is their true calling -- a syndrome America has been sliding into deeper and deeper throughout its history. Just look at the consistent warnings from all the presidents who noticed this trajectory and tried to alert a nation of groveling candy-asses:

Thomas Jefferson:

I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our
moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge
our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to
the laws of our country.

Abraham Lincoln:

The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace
and conspire against it in times of adversity. It is more
despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy
and more selfish than a bureaucracy. It denounces,
as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw
light upon its crimes. I have two great enemies, the Southern
Army in front of me and the bankers in the rear. Of the two,
the one at the rear is my greatest foe.

I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves
me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country.
As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned ....
An era of corruption in high places will follow and the money
power will endeavor to prolong its reign by working on the
prejudices of the people... until wealth is aggregated in a few
hands ... and the Republic is destroyed.

Theodore Roosevelt:

Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible
government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no
responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible
government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt
business and corrupt politics is the first task of the
statesmanship of today.

Franklin D. Roosevelt:

The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know,
that a financial element in the large centers has owned
the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, from his farewell address, 1961:

In the councils of government, we must guard against
unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought,
by the military-industrial complex. The potential for
the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

John Kennedy took Eisenhower's warning to heart, apparently. During the last year of his life, as he contemplated a second term and his own final contribution to history, he resolved to reverse America's moral and civic death-spiral, a.k.a. "the Cold War." His ideas included: ending the CIA's freedom from oversight; abandoning the country's rabid anticommunist stance, beginning with de-escalation in Vietnam; normalizing relations with Cuba and Moscow; by doing these things, redirecting Washington's immense weapons budget into sweeping domestic reforms (18). What's more, Kennedy's popular mandate was strong enough by this time that he probably would have succeeded.

From the viewpoint of the corporate capos that truly rule this country, one aspect of the Cold War was all-important: it was a pork barrel straight out of their wildest dreams of avarice. Watching Kennedy plant his feet and reach for its plug, these 'absolute power' addicts would have been sorely tempted to seek his removal by any means. As it just so happens, several of them were also supreme civilian commanders of the 'National Security' apparatus, meaning they had direct control of the most suspect means of effecting that removal (19).

Since Kennedy's death, dire warnings about corporate power have been conspicuously absent from the pronouncements of American presidents. Funny, huh? By daring to stand on his conviction that it was he, not them, who held the reins of American society, Kennedy quite possibly forced the financial elite to make an example of him. Since that time, their supremacy has been unchallenged by politicians.

It's as if democracy itself 'got whacked' by the Corleones and Gambinos! Fortunately for them, Americans are kept too delusional to notice.

* * * * * * * * *

On the strength of the fear-driven and essentially mindless popular mandate that followed the 9-11 attack, the Bushes and their kind are now concluding a plan they began formulating long before 1963: transforming this country into an abomination, a clinically exact violation of everything their core public THINKS it believes in. The situation is a three-ring circus of ironies: People like the Bushes, Ashcroft, etc., don't operate in a vacuum; they don't suddenly and magically "seize power," any more than Hitler did.

The history of the Nazis holds many lessons of great value to present-day Americans. Among the more important: political lunatics become dangerous only when whole populations lose their marbles enough to deliver them into real power. Truly, it's absurd to blame amoral monsters who insinuate themselves into high places. OF COURSE they're going to do that; it's why they were born. The sensible object of that disgust is 'The People' who allow them to stay there; who idly watch as other groups suffer, too stupid to realize that tomorrow the guns will turn on them; The People, who hand these scumbags ALL of their power by becoming eager footsoldiers in the global mafias they create. Helen Keller knew this:

"Strike against war, for without you no battles can be fought!
Strike against manufacturing shrapnel and gas bombs and all other tools of murder!
Strike against preparedness that means death and misery to millions of human beings!
Be not dumb, obedient slaves in an army of destruction!"

So did Emma Goldman:

"How long would authority ... exist, if not for the willingness of the mass to become soldiers, policemen, jailers, and hangmen."

No matter what label a government assigns itself -- democratic, communist, etc. -- The People who live under that government, who are its real repository of power, have an uncanny way of getting exactly what they deserve. If a government has descended into utter moral dissolution, and its people actually deserve better, they will summon the courage to do what's right for themselves, as did the French, the Russians, the Cubans. If a government is basically sound, but its people are grotesque petulant infants gobbling at giant tits of material excess, then it won't be long before that government sees its opportunity to build jail cells around them. Why not? Frantic tit-suckers aren't likely to notice, and if they do, a jail cell isn't so unlike a womb. If by some bizarre chance they should actually protest, they can simply be told it's for their own safety. Infants are easily duped with such talk, which they will regard as irrefutable when backed up with lurid cartoons showing "The Enemy In Action!!"

This was the context in which Jefferson used terms like 'inalienable' and 'self-evident.' People determined to discover their own power will find a way. So will those determined to live as slaves. The role of government is secondary. If the American people didn't deserve this buffoon president and his panel of corporate handlers... if this were other than a land of selfish tit-feeders, spoiled insane... if "The Home of the Brave" didn't ring quite so false... then the outrage of the 2000 "election" would have unleashed a nationwide tsunami of riots, martial law would have been declared, and the ruling class would have hastily dumped him before things REALLY heated up.

As it stands, Dubya's sickening success is owed primarily to a curious "political awareness," shared by a decisive majority of Americans: intuitively, they know they're on the sugar-dumpling end of the global economy. If staying there means everyone else gets hurled at birth into a fuming acid bath, well that's okay, too -- just don't ask them to notice.

Just as rampant corruption is symptomatic of fascist governments, this 'let them eat cake' mindset is also typical of the national populations that sustain those governments through their complicity and inaction. Corruption isn't just a disease of governments, elites, etc. -- it's a creeping contagion that infects whole societies, eventually reducing them to colonies of moral bacteria. If the wealth of a society is large enough that this degeneracy can progress long enough, its members become so drained of the essentials of character that whatever 'Great Things' they've accomplished become like marble temples built on a lake of pus.

America, for example, once had a heroic reputation among freedom-seekers around the world. Starting many years ago, the keepers of that legacy grew so arrogant, so artless, that their attempts to disguise their selfish motives became transparent to the average ten-year-old, so now America finds itself becoming an object of generalized hatred. And deservedly: when an elite cult of villains and cowards waylays all the governments of the world by holding a nuclear gun to their heads, they SHOULD be hated, and that's exactly what this government did while its subjects snoozed at the Big Boob these past five decades. The aggrieved parties will of course be deemed "just jealous" by the press, whose pronouncements are both source and product of the tit-feeder mentality.

With Buffoon & Co., the pretenses are now so tissue-thin that even Americans should have no trouble seeing through them. The one thing stopping them is all-determining: they don't want to. This sort of delusion even extends to self-described "liberals," who love to vomit the platitude that "America's PEOPLE can't be held responsible for the excesses of their GOVERNMENT."

I wish one of these nutless wonders would explain to me exactly how this works; from where I sit, ultimate responsibility for the criminal conduct of this government belongs to THEM. After all, thirty years ago most of them were intensely aware of this government's capacity for evil. Since then, they've been seduced by accumulations of property, privilege, and mental lethargy, thereby settling into America's most selfish middle class generation EVER. Watching them recite fatuous denials to themselves, I'm reminded of the French Court under Louis XVI. Their stock concept of 'political involvement' -- filling in a ballot once a year -- hardly seems likely to fix a goddamn thing, since the forces of wealth clearly have both major parties in their pocket. By all indications, they don't even care; the interests of wealth have become their own. If Bush's 2000 installation left any doubt about collusion between the two parties, Schwarzenegger's triumph in California just removed it. The California Democratic Party simply HAD TO KNOW that Gray Davis was history, so why did they fail to put all their marbles behind ONE potent alternative candidate? They can't strategize on their own behalf worth a damn, but they sure do a bang-up job for the repugs. Is it insane to wonder if they both get their marching orders from the same place?

Voting should certainly be part of a larger strategy -- it may not mean as much as we're told, but at least it's something. Real change, however, would seem to require much more from us: open dissent and resistance, civil disobedience, total rejection of bourgeois sensibilities, including careerism, as this is the path taken by most on their journey into apathy and selfishness. It's no wonder, then, that causing each of us to nurture dreams of professional glory has long been this country's most lavish "philanthropic" project. Our unprecedented university system -- is it really about giving us all a leg up, or is it a clever and utterly cynical social engineering program? As they hand out huge endowments, what do the bloodless billionaires really mean with all their malarkey about "investing in the future." The working class is the true home of the political left. Demographically and politically, it once dominated this country, and thoughtful people didn't always have reason to flee from it. Now it's a defeated mass of Bush-boosting, TV-mesmerized morons. When class assignment at birth is an immutable life sentence, intelligent members of an exploited class tend to become revolutionaries. By its very nature, the "classless" careerist ethic solves this problem by identifying the gifted among them as young as possible and reassigning them to a separate social order, where they're supplied with selfish reasons for staying quiet. Added together, their class defections and betrayals make up the aforementioned billionaires' "return on investment." Divide and conquer, divide and conquer...

In so many ways, the true genius of American politics has been in making sure the average slob has far too much to lose by rejecting bourgeois temptations. The tragedy of this design is that it makes us all full partners in the prevailing order of plunder and corruption. During the Great Depression, poverty was so rampant here that this formula began to unravel, prompting our keepers to feign benevolence with an improvised Head Amputation Prevention System, otherwise known as "the New Deal." Given the power of the information technology now at their disposal, they seem to be preparing to let it unravel again, this time to be replaced with an all-seeing electronic security state. This is probably the real reason behind the USAPATRIOT Act, rampant domestic spying, mounting repressive tactics and nationalist propaganda, vast enlargements of prison infrastructure, and so on. Kudos to all the technological utopians out there; far be it from them to realize that those in power always pervert emerging technology into a means of grabbing even more power.

The American political scene is now becoming so ominous that many Americans are finally waking up, achieving real political awareness for the first time in their lives. As they discover reality, they are finding themselves in a horrifying predicament: this country is but a few steps away from becoming an overt dictatorship, and the Neo-cons seem determined to go the distance. All they need to do at this point is arrange another "Pearl Harbor." Anything short of massive, uncompromising civil disobedience seems unlikely to stop them, and the vast majority of Americans are unlikely to engage in any such thing. Incapable of even noticing how bountiful their lives are, what could possibly induce them to reflect on the malevolent work by which that bounty has been concentrated, or to acknowledge the rights of people and other beings, living and dead, from whom it has been stolen? The hopelessness of the situation is deepened by the relentless and all but inescapable onslaught of commercial media, whose role of promoting this exact selfishness and civic apathy is now performed with incredible audacity. Most of these "Good Americans" just trudge along mindlessly in the rut indicated by their message, willfully oblivious to its subtexts.

America's malaise isn't entirely a product of conscious effort, but on the other hand, none of it is accidental. How is this possible? The main thing people use "logic" for is to conceal even from themselves the mediocre nature of their true motives. America's corruption, like that of all nations, is an organic phenomenon, i. e. it is neither orchestrated nor needs to be. It has been advanced not by the lurking efforts of secret circles so much as by the main thrust of American culture. Those frontiersmen in Ohio, for example, scarcely needed the inducements Washington offered them; they were eager to exterminate the Indians and steal their land. And so it goes. By such means, the corruption of our entire civic culture has been advanced by all of us, through habits of thought that lie beneath the level of consciousness -- for example, in the sane and humane alternatives we consistently choose to NOT consider. Again, media's leadership in this area has been inestimable.

My gratitude to those who have protested and been civilly disobedient over the years is beyond measure -- they are the true bearers of Liberty's flame -- but I am doubly contemptuous of those among them, seduced by privilege, who have ended up swinging to the other side. They are the very soul of corruption, and traitors even to their own dreams.

Here's the richest irony of all: Bush's most avid supporters are a puritanical bunch. They attend church. They pray on streetcorners. They bludgeon the unwitting with their sanctimonious talk of God, Family, and the American Way. So convinced are they of their moral superiority, they have no qualms about marching toward even greater material gluttony over a pavement of charred corpses. In fact, they seem to see this as a divine quest. You don't need a doctorate in Theology to know that if Hell is real, its inmost pit has got to be reserved for hypocrites such as these.



1) Even now, the "independent commission" is shot through with incredible conflicts of interest, exemplified by the present chairman's financial ties to members of the Bin Laden Family. Such a panel can hardly be expected to deviate from the gutless pattern of past "investigative commissions": the Warren Commission, the Rockefeller Commission, the Iran-Contra hearings, etc.

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7) many historical documents support this analysis, including:

United States Strategic Bombing Survey, Summary Report (Pacific War) (Washington, DC: US Government Printing Office, 1946) p.26:
"Nevertheless, it seems clear that, even without the atomic bombing attacks, air supremacy over Japan could have exerted sufficient pressure to bring about unconditional surrender and obviate the need for invasion... Based on a detailed investigation of all the facts, and supported by the testimony of the surviving Japanese leaders involved, it is the Survey's opinion that certainly prior to 31 December 1945, and in all probability prior to 1 November 1945, Japan would have surrendered even if the atomic bombs had not been dropped, even if Russia had not entered the war, and even if no invasion had been planned or contemplated."

8) Blum, William. Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II. (Monroe, Maine, USA: Common Courage Press, 1995) pp. 21-23, 39-43, 50, 51, 122-127

9) ibid, pp. 129-145

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13) Blum. Killing Hope. pp. 106-108

14) A scanned copy of this memo can be seen in http://www.internetpirate.com/bush.htm -- scroll down

15) Webb, Gary. Dark Alliance. San Jose mercury News, 9/18/1996
available online at: http://home.attbi.com/~gary.webb/wsb/html/view.cgi-home.html-.html

16) de Grand Pre, Donn; Col. US Army (Ret.). The Enemy is inside the Gates
available online at http://scribblguy.50megs.com/evidence.htm#THE%20ENEMY%20IS%20INSIDE%20THE%20GATES

17) multiple sources:

Kennedy, Dominic. Suicide Hijackers Hid Behind Stolen Arab Identities. London Times, 9/20/01

MacFarquhar, Neil. A Nation Challenged: The Hijackers; Confusion Over Names Clouds Identities of Attackers on Jets. New York Times, 9/21/01
available online at http://www.nytimes.com/2001/09/21/international/middleeast/21IDEN.html

Jeffery, Simon. Special Report: Terrorism in the US. The Guardian, 9/21/01
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Author unknown. Hijack 'Suspects' Alive and Well. British Broadcasting Corporation, 9/23/01
available online at http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/middle_east/newsid_1559000/1559151.stm

18) Hepburn, James. Farewell America. (Vaduz, Liechtenstein: Frontiers Publishing, 1968) see ALL.
Available online at http://www.voxfux.com/Kennedy/farewell/farewell00.html

19) The most suspect parties here are Nelson Rockefeller and his demonic lackeys, the Dulles brothers. The threads implicating Rockefeller in Kennedy's death are explored rigorously in:

Colby, Gerard and Charlotte Dennett. Thy Will Be Done -- The Conquest of the Amazon: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil. (New York, USA: HarperCollins, 1995)

Approaching this matter from different directions and supporting their arguments with extraordinary historical documentation, the authors of 'Farewell America' and 'Thy Will Be Done' arrive independently at strikingly similar conclusions.
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well done
by J Vreeland 8:17pm Sat Nov 22 '03

I read the whole thing! Of course some details can always be debated but then that's why we need a public investigation, right? Good sources too, I'd lost the link to the BBC story about the "suicide terrorists" turning up alive. Thanks

I figure you're being a bit hard on the average Joe as a prod to wake them up. But look at it this way, the events of the past few years have become sooooo obvious that many people ARE waking up that wouldn't have without an atrocity like 9_11.

Overall, right on the money. Good history and an informal style. Maybe the days of waking the sheep aren't over.

Thanks, J Vreeland
by Jon Phalen 8:35pm Sat Nov 22 '03

You wouldn't believe how much work I did on this. I was beginning to worry nobody would read something this big.

Thanks again for the praise. If you could spread the word about it, I would be ever so grateful.

more kudos - and explosive clues
by AP 10:08pm Sat Nov 22 '03

Why would Osama bin Laden want to kill Dubya, his former business partner?
By James Hatfield

July 3, 2001

[...] According to counter-terrorism experts quoted in Germany's largest newspaper, the attack on Dubya might be a James Bond-like aerial strike in the form of remote-controlled airplanes packed with plastic explosives.

``The president received a presidential daily briefing which was not a warning briefing, but an analytic report. This analytic report ... talked about UBL's (Osama bin Laden's) methods of operation, talked about what he had done historically, in 1997, in 1998. It mentioned hijacking, but hijacking in the traditional sense, and in a sense said that the most important and most likely thing was that they would take over an airliner, holding passengers and demand the release of one of their operatives.''

Condoleeza Rice, May 16, 2002


A personnel attorney at the Pentagon, Goldsmith was riding a shuttle bus to work on Tuesday, Sept. 11, when she learned of the attack on the World Trade Center. [...] "We saw a huge black cloud of smoke," she said, saying it smelled like cordite or gun smoke.
- Jewish Bulletin News
WASHINGTON, D.C. The airliner crashed between two and three hundred feet from my office in the Pentagon, just around a corner from where I work.

I'm the deputy General Counsel, Washington Headquarters Services, OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE.

A slightly different calibration and I have no doubt I wouldn't be sending this to you. My colleagues felt the impact, which reminded them of an earthquake. People shouted in the corridor outside that a bomb had gone off upstairs on the main concourse in the building. No alarms sounded. I walked to my office, shut down my computer, and headed out.

Even before stepping outside I could smell the cordite.

Then I knew explosives had been set off somewhere."
- McSweeney's


The second plane looked similar to a C- 130 transport plane, [Keith Wheelhouse] said. He believes it flew directly above the American Airlines jet, as if to prevent two planes from appearing on radar - while at the same time - guiding the jet toward the Pentagon.
Daily Press, September 14, 2001

Business jet, military cargo plane were in area of hijacked United Flight 93

Sunday, September 16, 2001

By Bill Heltzel and Tom Gibb, Post-Gazette Staff Writers

Two other airplanes were flying near the hijacked United Airlines jet when it crashed in Somerset County, but neither had anything to do with the airliner's fate, the FBI said yesterday.

In fact, one of the planes, a Fairchild Falcon 20 business jet, was directed to the crash site to help rescuers. The request for the jet to fly low and obtain the coordinates for the crash explains reports by people in the vicinity who said a white or silver jet flew by moments after the crash.

A C-130 military cargo plane was also within 25 miles of the passenger jet when it crashed, FBI spokesman Bill Crowley said yesterday, but was not diverted.

'Follow that aircraft'

At 9:25, [Jane] Garvey, in an historic and admirable step, and almost certainly after getting an okay from the White House, initiated a national ground stop, which forbids takeoffs and requires planes in the air to get down as soon as reasonable.

Lt. Col. Steve O'Brien started his day at the controls of a Minnesota National Guard C-130 cargo plane. He and his crew were heading back to the Twin Cities after moving military supplies around the Caribbean. About 9:30 a.m., O'Brien throttled the lumbering plane down a runway at Andrews Air Force Base, just southeast of the District of Columbia.

"When we took off, we headed north and west and had a beautiful view of the Mall," he said. "I noticed this airplane up and to the left of us, at 10 o'clock. He was descending to our altitude, four miles away or so. That's awful close, so I was surprised he wasn't calling out to us.

"It was like coming up to an intersection. When air traffic control asked me if we had him in sight, I told him that was an understatement - by then, he had pretty much filled our windscreen. Then he made a pretty aggressive turn so he was moving right in front of us, a mile and a half, two miles away. I said we had him in sight, then the controller asked me what kind of plane it was.

"That caught us up, because normally they have all that information. The controller didn't seem to know anything."

O'Brien reported that the plane was either a 757 or 767 and its silver fuselage meant it was probably an American Airlines jet. "They told us to turn and follow that aircraft - in 20-plus years of flying, I've never been asked to do something like that. With all of the East Coast haze, I had a hard time picking him out.

"The next thing I saw was the fireball. It was huge. I told Washington the airplane has impacted the ground. Shook everyone up pretty good. I told them the approximate location was close to the Potomac. I figured he'd had some in-flight emergency and was trying to get back on the ground to Washington National. Suddenly, I could see the outline of the Pentagon. It was horrible. I told Washington this thing has impacted the west side of the Pentagon."

O'Brien asked the controller whether he should set up a low orbit around the building but was told to get out of the area as quickly as possible. "I took the plane once through the plume of smoke and thought if this was a terrorist attack, it probably wasn't a good idea to be flying through that plume."

He flew west, not exactly sure where he was supposed to land. Somewhere over western Pennsylvania, O'Brien looked down at a blackened, smoldering field. "I hoped it was just a tire fire or something, but when I checked with Cleveland center, he told me he'd just lost a guy off the scope pretty close to where we saw it. By then, we were able to patch in AM radio, so we heard about all the planes. It was like a domino effect - a really bad day for airplanes."

However distasteful, there is a real possibility that remote circumvention occurred on those planes

the conspiracy in plain sight
by the burningman 11:54pm Sat Nov 22 '03

I have a landlord and a boss. Private property - where I live profits someone else who didn't build the place - is a "conspiracy."

By fixing our problems in some nebulous and unknowable shadow-government, you manage to offer the idea that government should somehow right itself. But it won't. Because this country is and ALWAYS HAS BEEN a dictatorship of property and capital.

Here's the facts conspiracy theoriest have about the WTC: Zero. Some conspiracy theorists can write and most just put out weird, loaded rhetorical questions. But the logical flaw is the same.

Document your theories and there is no conspiracy. Spend your time making allusions and it's a conspiracy theory.

Facts, not conjection. Correlation does not equal causality.

Study War No More
by Laurie Corzett 1:44pm Sun Nov 23 '03

Study War No More

What lesson can be applied?
When imperialist troops crash down upon a people's pride?
When might as right meets the instinct to survive?
When Midas greed lashes out to destroy?
We've been here before, o my brethren, o my children --
repeating the fouled lessons poured into our thirsty minds,
pushing back the horror before our eyes with blinding rage
forged into weapons by mortal foes
who hide in plain sight.
The only thing I know --
The lesson repeating agony in all our souls,
Haunted by the pleading eyes and bloody hearts
Of the slaughtered sacrifices to malignant gods --
There is something vital here to learn.

Laurie Corzett

New American Anthem

After Shock and Awe
It's a transitional time
Of untidiness

We bombed in Baghdad
Now we have no idea how
To clean up this mess

Forget peace on Earth
Let the common folk suffer
And not have a say

Since god is with us
Against the rest of the world
We'll just have to pray

History Being Re-Written
by Edward 2:52pm Sun Nov 23 '03

Absolutely wonderful. We finally are on our way to re-writting the history books to reflect the truths.
I only have one question, is anybody not that stupid so that there will be some that will and can read it?

Keep up the great work and know that it is going down in history as the turning point of ignorance, into enligthenment.

observations and imperatives
by Laurie Corzett 3:14pm Sun Nov 23 '03

Several years ago I read a book that some of this article reminded me of:

Lee, Martin A. and Shlain, Bruce. Acid Dreams: The CIA, LSD, and the Sixties Rebellion. New York: Grove Press, 1985

A recent segment of NOW (PBS) included discussion of how the public dissent against the Patriot Act II has resulted in end-runs by secreting Patriot Act provisions in other bills. Our privacy rights are not just being eroded or chipped away, but are being wholesale sledge-hammered. Somehow, this kind of disrespect for the American citizen needs to be addressed and stopped. Do we have any ideas? Or are we already afraid to appear as dissentors in public?

I worry that we seem generally to be given to the idea that we are not to be the living creatures we actually are. In order to supply our societal requirements we are subliminally impelled to give up more and more of our own actual requirements -- in order to live reasonably well in the modern world we are encouraged to live horribly in our personal/animal world.

Somehow we have to find a way to take back our lives.

God Bless You!
by Evelyn Goodman 3:31pm Sun Nov 23 '03

I have been saying this for the past three years, if not before 9/11. This is so obviously a take-over, "1984" style, that I despair that it is not already too late to wake everybody up.
How to ward off this avalanche? I am too old to really be affected by it, but I despair for the present and coming generations. I try to forward all material, such, certainly, as yours, to all who I know, and will not give up on fighting the good fight. What is our ammunition? Let's share!

Helluva piece
by Kenneth Peerless 4:17pm Sun Nov 23 '03

A very fine piece of work and eloquent to boot.Some of us have been saying this for years and now it seems to be gaining some credence... even in the US.

For more of this kind of oped/essay try <www.newsfromtheedge.org>

An organic recon-
by john cameron 4:26pm Sun Nov 23 '03

Excellent article .I have written for months to many Politicians etc.re 911.The last to American Society of Civil Engineers,thus to explain several difficult questions.eg.Why did WTC # 7 IMPLODE?.If it did as witnessed there must be many Skyscrapers in N.York that are unsafe.I think also the real Monetary power behind shrub is The Federal Reserve; after all God commands shrub & money is God to shrub. (Geezuz I sound like that Gorilla rumsfeld.)Best john cameron Australia.

See: http://web2.airmail.net/dsh440/Jew.html
by Dwayne Sheffield 4:34pm Sun Nov 23 '03

Very Good!!
The source of the whole problem lies in the domain of religion. The "so-called Jews" and the "so-called Christians" have convinced each other they are in fact the ancient players of the Bible metaphors. With this type of mentality they will kill each other and anyone who interferes with "their" fear of not taking over the world for their murderous god.
If they are going to follow the scriptures to the letter they have no choice but to do what they have and are doing. Killing all in the name of god.

See also: http://web2.airmail.net/dsh440/kill.html

Dwayne Sheffield

All should read and understand...
by Fred Jakobcic 5:25pm Sun Nov 23 '03

THere are too many doubters in America, because they do not want to read stuff like this, they do not want to do the effort to look further than the mainstream media and find it too easy to accept and believe anything that idiot in the White House has to say, without looking beyond what it says and if it is the truth. They ignore too much and make light of internet sources such as this. They do not question because they do not want to face reality and rather accept and live in the reality of the myth that the Bush administration is fostering. They do not seek the truth of the lies and of the spin put forth by bush and his minions. They rather get angry at those who dissent and protest against the injustices in the USA and the world, finding it easier to ignore and react. They find it easier to jump on the mainstream media view of protesters who are often portrayed negatively, when the mainstream medai itself fails to look beyond the surface or do in depth stories of protest actions and the police brutality and the war on dissent by authorities and the bush people. They rather not do anything and continue live in their fantasy world that ignores reality and allows for the takeover of democracy for security that does not exist for us all.

not shocked
by Inana 5:26pm Sun Nov 23 '03

Great article, great research, and - it is so strong that it does not need any polemic words or phrasing. In fact those weaken the strong impact the mere facts have on the mind and heart. It holds lots of passion, - and passion needs to be rooted in love and not hate. We need to bear in mind that negativity feeds on negativity, meaning energy goes where attention goes: so- let the energy go to exposing the facts and not sabotaging this by fueling the negative forces behind them with our negative thoughts and words. Still, - as a journalist I am not the least shocked as this is how I see the shem also. History well done, - it's is long but I could not stop reading till the end. A question: Do you know anything about 'Skull and Bones'?
Great compliment for your work.

Just What We Needed !
by L. Ferrara 6:12pm Sun Nov 23 '03

Thanks Jon,

My husband and I were seeking some light reading for our day of rest, and you have provided that. I say light reading because we know of the heavy load that you had to endure to write such an exceptional article.

We agree whole heartedly with your observations and assessments, and have also concluded that Amerika a.k.a. the New Babylon will reap what it sows, unless of course, the greatest miracle of human history were to occur, which would be the awakening of the American populace before the 2004 election.

The light in the tunnel just may be an oncoming train. Thank you again for your extraordinary effort, it has made a difference to us. L&M

more 9-11 Oddities
by 911911911 6:13pm Sun Nov 23 '03

More oddness - where WERE these people on 9-11. Never forget that awful Booker School appearance of bush jr. and how he lingered so long (with unprotected air space) at the school. NONE of his actions that day add up.


U.S.intervention 40 yrs.
by john cameron 6:23pm Sun Nov 23 '03

Editor,I would like to see a complete list of Countries since WW2 America has interfered with,if at all possible; Again excellent article on 40 yrs etc.Very detailed... Regards, Best Wishes, John C. oz.

by Linda 7:56pm Sun Nov 23 '03

You have done your homework, thank you. I read every word of it as well, rivited to it in face. Now let's hope we all wake up and see this nightmare for what it is. The NYP article about the FBI now compiling lists of demonstrators will throw fear into many hearts, which is exactly what it is intended to do.

Rewiring the mind
by Bell Ringer 8:00pm Sun Nov 23 '03

A remarkable story, I don't know what to say... it's all there except maybe the undeniable Zionist connections to all these things concisely detailed in Pastore's "Stranger than Fiction" and many other places. It hardly matters though because they too are part of what might be called the Illuminati, these people have no countries, they have only secret clubs and satanic cults, their think tank 'philosophies' boil down to 'might makes right'. Who and what are these people!
Yes, musing here.... I think it is an ancient 'Holy War' and the battle is not just geopolitics, oil and access... this time it has the potential to be a global civil war between, for lack of better terminology and in this short space, I will call simply Good and Evil.
The fight will ultimately have to spring from spiritual resources, and I think it will require a rewiring of the mind... but expose and strike the root... speaking of roots how far down we have come.

Public Investigation here -->>http://www.cooperativeresearch.org/information/siteindex.html

by Paul and Charlene Fassa 8:01pm Sun Nov 23 '03

This is so far the best article that ties it all together. Finally, someone with the guts to denounce Joe and Jane Sixpack and Carl and Carrie Careerist. You note that many of us are only now becoming truly politically aware. My wife and I included in that category. Kicking TV and frequenting a few good internet sites is the fast track to de-programming our whole "education" and media induced cultural heritage of narcism. But, alas, someday the net may be taken too. Then it is time to cope and go spiritual, in the best and truest sense.

by BERNIE BUSCH 8:10pm Sun Nov 23 '03

Congratulations! This is one of the most comprehensive arguments debunking the 'Crazy Arab Hijackers' fairy tale ever published.

Bush knew. Cheney Knew. Silverstein knew. They all knew
and millions of readers on the net know they knew.

Good work.

by michael brady 8:29pm Sun Nov 23 '03

This article pretty much sums it all up. It should be widely distributed. If we have any hope at all....it starts here, with unvarnished truth. thank you!

Pax Americana or Hell on Earth......?
by RCMeserve 9:30pm Sun Nov 23 '03

As one commenter below noted, the language, though strong, is not strong enough in my estimation. And interestingly, he
goes so far as to admit that the real problems lie in our very nature as humans, as much as to inculcated fear and ig-
norance by an elite....
Still, good history with necessary reference material.


by Stephen Ross 9:38pm Sun Nov 23 '03

Well done . . . brilliant nutshell history of US plutocracy and imperialism . . .

by Joseph P. Diaferia 9:39pm Sun Nov 23 '03

An absolutely wondeful article. Should be required reading in all high school and college history texts.

It certainly will be in mine.

Joseph P. Diaferia

A long snooze America...
by Bob Thomson 9:55pm Sun Nov 23 '03

A long snooze America, nice to see your finally waking up to what the rest of the world has seen for all tis time. Britain tried all this colonial crap many years ago, it doesn't do her any good now though......

Wake up and smell the coffee indeed!



by john kappler 10:55pm Sun Nov 23 '03

A hard hitting and cogent essay.
I currently work behind a counter and pretend to be a crackpot psychologist about the current societal condition.
After years of exposure to the general public I'll echo your dour assesment of political awareness. I'm constantly underwhelmed. Still, there is that hundredth monkey thing...

A masterful work
by Scott Pettersen 11:33pm Sun Nov 23 '03

I wasn't going to read the whole thing, but I couldn't stop. A masterful work.

first rate!
by jim fuge 11:35pm Sun Nov 23 '03

This article manages to condense in a very small space the entire situation which America found itself in the 21 century and where we are today.
It is a tour de force and on top of that readable history!
The conclusion is that until Americans educate themselves and act on what they find nothing will change. Who knows maybe the Net can make the difference? Things are changing.
Well done, thanks for a tremendous effort!
I wish I had written it. I definately want a hard copy and to e-mail it to friends.

by Veronica 12:36am Mon Nov 24 '03

I watched in horror as the WTC's fell that Sept 11, as did everyone around the world. When the media started throwing out Bin Laden's name almost immediately, my first reaction was that it seemed way too reminiscient of the media's conviction of Oswald immediately after the assassination of President Kennedy. I watched another mainstream media channel ask 'experts' what other kinds of terrorist attacks were possible and we were informed that anthrax was #1 - lo and behold a few days later, I heard the first reports of poeple dying from exposure to anthrax.

I was 5 when President Kennedy was killed and what I remember most is seeing my mother weep - for the first time in my life, and the somber atmosphsere of our house for several days. I suppose those memories are what prompted my fascination with the Kennedy assassination in later years. Coupled with the theories promoted by the Oliver Stone film, I was completely convinced of our corrupt government. In my mind, politics of today are a direct result of what happened 40 years ago. I have maintained since 9/11 that the tragedy of that day was political and home-grown. I have watched in horror as events have unfolded since then, each one reinforcing my original assessment of the corrupt capabilities of our government. It's sickening. The scary part is that when I talk about it, no one believes me and all tell me that I'm being paranoid, fanatical etc.

I am SO GLAD to have the validation of your commentary. Thank you.

I also appreciate your obvious hard work in researching your viewpoint. You are to be commended on a job well done. I will be forwarding this on to those of my associates that are making noises like they might now believe I was on to something when I started my "rantings" about the government over the past few years - if only to say 'nah!' :-)

I would like to do more, though, than simply forward your commentary. I wholeheartedly agree that nothing will change unless we all wake up and DO something. Knowing that I am completely and unequivocally expendable to my government is a sobering and somewhat frightening thought. Nevertheless, I have children for whom I want the absolute best and I KNOW they won't get that under our current system, regardless of the propoganda we're fed. What can I do?


Veronica D.

by Michael Edens 1:09am Mon Nov 24 '03

Excellent article -- very thorough. The only notable omission I noticed in your discussion of the imperial expansion of the USA was the sugar corporations' power grab which garnered us Hawaii as a territory, putting an end to its independence and destroying its native monarchy.

Hopefully this will begin the reformation of the 21st century
by L.E.Stephenson 1:32am Mon Nov 24 '03

Thank you for putting it all togeather in a report that can be understood by the layman ,That is if you can find any laymen interested in reading anymore. Or for that matter interested in protecting their democracy ." Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely " . However in this case since wwII power was given away to the sorriest of despots this planet has ever seen . Why not put this to video tape and dvd and see that it is viewed by all high school students and college students also audio books so it can be presented to the blind stupid bastards in the street ,giving them something to debate.They need a shock to wake them up faster to the truth .

Excellent article !
by Foreign Press Foundation - the Netherlands 3:16am Mon Nov 24 '03

L.S. !

The article was fwd to me by another very good and critical writer, John Kaminsky.

I've read the above twice, and have found it to be a very good description of reality, wishing I'd written it myself.

Compliments to the author !

Henk Ruyssenaars

Editor : Henk Ruyssenaars
The Netherlands

The Dutch author worked for many decades for international A/V media as foreign correspondent, of which 10 years - also during Gulf War I - in the Arab World and the Middle East.

Seeing that every bullet and every bomb breeds more terrorism !


Missing Inaction
by Mick Collins 3:41am Mon Nov 24 '03

Jon, What happened to Yugoslavia? And Rwanda? Two very recent and especially grim Western atrocities. In fact, the admitted war criminal who oversaw the 78-day 'terror-bombing' (Newsweek's term) of Serbia over (and incl) Kosovo is currently presenting himself as a Democratic Peace Candidate, with the support of some truly Stupid White Men, among them Michael Moore & The Eagles. A high point in this Historical Morality Play approaches as Wes Clark is scheduled--in mid December--to testify at the illegal Hague Tribunal in the Trial of Slobodan Milosevic, the man in whose country Clark committed more than 5000 serial and civilian murders in the name of 'humanitarianism'--and the US public has swallowed whole the totally fatuous notion that their terrorism in Kosovo marked a humanitarian victory for NATO. The absense from your piece of any mention of the US's atrocious Balkans policy (or the equally perverse and even lesser known US/RPF terrorist policy in Rwanda) left it quite light--like a Cliff Notes survey--in my estimations. But there is interesting analysis here nonetheless. And thank you. Mick Collins

America the Terrorist no.1 in the World
by Dr. Leo Rebello 4:17am Mon Nov 24 '03

Makes full sense. In the days of Internet, America PR machine cannot hoodwink anyone. America is Terrorist no.1 of the World. QED.

Great work !!
by Ram 5:01am Mon Nov 24 '03

Fantastic research!! Keep it up !! Loads of information for a non-American like me. The article truly reflects the spirit of Americans. It is this spirit that has made your country great(as I percieve). Dont let this spirit die America!!! Wake up and oust the evil!!!

by Henry Balfour 8:02am Mon Nov 24 '03

Required reading for American citizens. As the author points out, the entire country, give or take the minority few who are agitating now, are in denial. Serious denial. The WMD that you are all seeking is parked in your driveway - it's your oil-addicted lifestyle that has driven the last 30 years of Foreign Affairs. Please - ring the bell, long and loud - curfew must not fall tonight.

lambs to the slaughter
by terry smith 8:21am Mon Nov 24 '03

world domination by a select few. it is coming at an ever incresing pace. as long as the masses are content with dependent upon big brother are given a bone they are content. i am sixty yers old and have seen our rights gradually eroded. most of my so-called friends think i am paranoid. your article only reinforces my thinking.

by Wade Frazier 8:44am Mon Nov 24 '03

That was a brilliant essay on the U.S. It is far shorter and to the point than my American Empire essay:


two comments.

1. The Lincoln quote on the power of corporations is apocryphal:


2. There was a very real connection between Operation Northwoods and American political reality, namely, the assassination of JFK.


John Tower told Audie Murphy and Bill Decker mere weeks after the JFK hit what Oswald's true involvement was, and it was a CIA version of Operation Northwoods, which targeted JFK, and a "dummy" assassination turned into a real one.

See this link also:


Best wishes,

Wade Frazier

the best read ever
by oscar 9:29am Mon Nov 24 '03

just like to say, this article is the most comprehensive, clear, informative, truthful, historical account i have ever read, and made thrilling reading (for all the wrong reasons, im sorry to say, like the state of this shit world we live in).

i will be posting this article on forums if thats ok (with link and credit ofcourse).

i want the whole world to read what you have written here.

well played.

Decline & Fall
by John W. Schaut 10:29am Mon Nov 24 '03

Causes of the decline & fall of the Roman Empire have always intrigued me...I deeply feel that is what is going on today with USA as the latter day Roman Empire...Appears to me that the oligarchy of the rich and the super rich is about complete under the aegis of the current Bush regime...So, lets us now descind into another round of Western world age of feudalism where most of us will live in bare subsistance...in mud huts plastered against the castle walls of our lords and overlords...Under these conditions it feels good to be 84 years of age without too much longer to live...I wager that the spoils of today's western civilization will fall to the victors in the East.
....Kudos to Jon Phalen for writing this brilliant piece of intepretative journalism......John Schaut, Bradenton FL

Keep up the good work
by Michael Jon 10:34am Mon Nov 24 '03


Wonderful work. I know it's hard work, because the truth is always hard for people to assimilate. FYI, I've seen a few sites that claim (via video frames) that the planes that hit the towers were not civilian craft, but military transport planes and that one had some sort of bomb-like device attached underneath. A tractor beam/sighting laser was seemingly evident as well. The first plane was not "supposed" to be captured on video, but for those alert French documentarians. I was working in Somerset near the third plane crash and my employer told me that her friends that were in the area and saw military jets overhead following ("guiding"?) the doomed craft. Keep up the good work!

Dejavu Journalism
by Bob Brooks 10:46am Mon Nov 24 '03

Jon: Great research, writing, warnings, etc. I've seen these things since the late 50s (born 911-37!). It's a mystery to me why all my compatriots and current investigators don't realize that talk and writing have been ever-present, but no matching actions to really show that we're serious. We can swap "intelligence" till we're blue in the face, but nothing short of taking all the current and sure-to-come traitors and hanging them to the nearest post will ever solve the damned dilemma we've spun for ourselves and allowed to spin around us. How is it that our outgoing patriots always end up dead or in prison, but we never score a hit with the Presidential Jet and other treasonous travelers' jets, treasonous scumbags in offices from DC to the local mayor and various "helpmeets" in the ongoing campaign to bring our Republic down? The big question remains: "How can we hang all the bastards who have taken over our country and return our Republic to its pristine condition?" Even my youth, before 1964, witnessed a very pleasant national Whiteness, which we've lost and must get back asap. Will we yet see some real leadership to this end? Thanks. Bob Brooks, MDiv, DC, in sunny Georgia.

Quick comment
by John Hackett 11:23am Mon Nov 24 '03

TYhis is what I have been saying for a long time.

by Michael Barsky 12:12pm Mon Nov 24 '03

It's good a for a laugh anyway. Perhaps aliens hijacked the planes and later phoned loved ones impersonating their voices.

An Investigation Shall Begin
by Karl Meyers 1:13pm Mon Nov 24 '03

I have read about some of these topics since 9-11 and after seeing the forensic evidence that what hit the pentagon was not a 757 airliner, and after learning about huge amounts of money made by certain people regarding the destruction of the twin towers, it is clearly a big lie. We do have a criminal government in operation, and that must end soon. An investigation should begin with the evidence clearly on the table in an open forum. Every war since WWI was created by and for banking profits. The most serious danger to the people on this planet is the international banking cartel that has control over at least 200 nations. The true NESARA law will reverse this war machine and begin a new age of PEACE. http://www.nesara.us.

America, Incorporated
by Brian F near Chicago 1:20pm Mon Nov 24 '03

I am so very glad there are articles such as this pervading the 'web of information and enlightenment'. I have read several other accounts of the devious and obviously criminal ties this administration has with various organizations both here and abroad, but this one in particular stands out. Mr. Phalen assumes a certain risk in writing such truths that I feel compelled to do something such as standing up in the middle of this crowded library and shouting, "Your president and your government conducted 9/11, DOWN WITH BUSH!!!"
Who is to say what the remedy is? I fear that that the whole system, which is deeply imbedded in domestic and foreign affairs, can never be toppled. I know several people 'round these parts, including myself, who would stand and fight to secure our true freedom from the military/corporate/government complex that directly and indirectly rules us.
I am sickened by the total lack of dissent from the mainstream media, those who under a banner of freedom and objectiveness regurgitate the party line every article they can print. It is a disgusting waste of brain matter. I truly feel pity for those who say "...if you don't support the president, your not patriotic..." I would like to ring their damn necks, then make them read this and other articles.
I am going to send this article to every person I can, I am even going to print several copies and leave them in different locations around the college I am currenty attending. Who knows, a budding Patrick Henry or Paul Wellstone (R.I.P., sir) may just pick one up...

by G. Bailey 2:34pm Mon Nov 24 '03

you somehow manage to make a story of murder, corruption, conspiracy and conquest that affects every american in very real ways as interesting as a spam e-mail about cheap ink-jet refills. don't get me wrong, i've been a believer in many of your premises, and it's my wish for their dissemination that drives me to write about your piece. unfortunately, you have the same disregard for journalistic standards that keeps the internet from ushering an "enlightment" as your readers foresee it. your alternative conjectures (SIMPLY-HAD-TO reasoning, further weakened by "c'mon-that's-at-least-as-likely-as-what-they-say" qualifications) are more fanciful than fact-based. you somehow manage to both overestimate and insult the intelligence of your readers - here, asking them to trust your jumps in logic (from "they would benefit" to "they did it"); there, offering theories to fill blanks that were more troubling unfilled. your anger toward the Bush-supporters, culminating in a prophesy of the innermost hell, ends your essay on a sinister note contrary to its high-minded best. further, your anger and frustration with "Joe Average" are clear, but your attitude of superiority will keep those Joe's that are ready to tune in forever tuning out. i hope you are not the type that simply doesn't care what Joe thinks, the type that prefers to be the sole shining beacon of truth. however, if you do care, i hope you'll get some better jokes to sweeten your medicine than those involving 800-pound gorillas...

This article will Live On
by J Vreeland 3:38pm Mon Nov 24 '03

This article will be preserved for posterity at the following address:

the quest for real information will not be censored

No Plane in First Hit Footage.
by Rosalee Grable 3:52pm Mon Nov 24 '03

<a href="http://thewebfairy.com/911">http://thewebfairy.com/911</a>

I've made closeups of several versions of the fireman firsthit footage, including that from the Naudet 911 DVD.
There is no plane in the video, no flightpath of a plane, no explosion of a plane.
No plane.
The "divebombing thingy" that is the only moving object in that video is too small to be a Jet.
In order to insert a "plane" where he thought it ought to be,
Intrepid Video Researcher Marcus had to excise the front third of a picture of a jet, in order to try to make it fit the profile of the object shown.

Please visit http://thewebfairy.com/911 and read Holmgren's article showing that Flight 77 and 11 were not even scheduled that day.

INSTEAD OF WELL DONE, SORT OF MEDIUM RARE: some critique, some additions/refinements
by me, hopefully helpful 5:27pm Mon Nov 24 '03


1917 to '18
World War I:
Three years into the "Great War," it looked as though Germany would defeat Britain and France, our primary capitalist hosts in Europe. Big financiers like J. P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller, who between them had billions invested "over there," weren't about to just sit back and watch this happen. They barked orders to their underling, Woodrow Wilson, who then declared war, using German interference with US shipping activities as a feeble pretext. [no. see below--your premise is that the US was drug into the war here, there were many other attempts, plus see below] Leading up to this, the media minions whipped the public into a war frenzy, basing their wildly manipulative propaganda on incidents such as the sinking of the Lusitania, two years earlier. Funny thing about the Lusitania: it's hold contained a secret, illegal, and massive cargo of ammunition and other materiel bound for Liverpool, and its passengers were used as unwitting human shields for this cargo by the US government, which is why they died. Neither Wilson nor the media of the day ever admitted any of this (5).

The dynamics behind America's entry into World War II were virtually identical. Over 500,000 Americans died in these two wars, with 875,000 more wounded, and an additional and unknown number emotionally shattered, all of which brought untold misery to their families and communities. Given the choice between destroying all those lives or allowing the likes of Morgan and Rockefeller to suffer the tragedy of somewhat less obscene wealth, our "representatives" chose the former as the lesser sacrifice.

comments: First, it only recycles part the lie that has been told that the British/Americans and the Germans were on different sides in both WWI and WWII. Want evidence? Read on. Second, this WWI reading leaves out the Zionist deal angle in WWI, which leaves you unable to discuss Zionism as pro-Nazi in WWII unless you know about it. Want Evidence? Read on.

ALAN JONES 20eme REVIEW BOOK Brit.& Nazi elites working on NWO together, & more (english)
more 4:20am Mon Oct 13 '03 (Modified on 11:55am Mon Oct 13 '03)

this was a comment I moved to another article. It is connected to New Book Documents Zionist Collaboration With The Nazis (english)
William Hughes 5:08pm Sun Oct 12 '03 (Modified on 12:07am Mon Oct 13 '03)
[20eme means 20th century, in French]

Learn the truth about Britain as a Nazi power, "forced" into war with Hitler against united international elite will by "pesky" democratic forces under them in Britain, that held their feet to the fire. Then Britian drug America into it to bail them out of this fake war, and to oversee deNazification to protect all three covert allies!

In short, WWII was perhaps one of the strangest wars on record, since USA/Britain/German elites were on the same side with the same interests--NWO consolidation-- though grass roots nationalims kept them from operating publicly as such! However they did operate as allies in WWII! Remember to tell your history teacher what a lie they have sold you--and likely have been sold themselves!

Look most of the history you taught at school was meant to make you well ordered peasants and easy to manage. It was intentionally meant to mislead and stunt your historical knowledge. How can people be managed if they actually consider themselves equals to--and have the same knowledge as--those in political power? . . .


And read Perloff's book on the CFR, related to FDR and Churchill (when they were both 'placed' in the Navy) complicity in WWI, and their complicity in WWII when they were in executive leadership positions.

FDR and Churchill and the Nazis, yes, on one side, believe it.

Note I was saying nothing about the COUNTRIES or the peoples being on the same side, only that these particular networks are on the same side. Look, this is a project that has been going on for some time, it can only help to I suppose first be shocked, then get over it, then look into their connections.

REVIEW:All 20th century American presidents as 'cutouts' for N W O consolidation (english)
me 2:10pm Thu Nov 20 '03

A history of American presidents as 'cutouts' for N W O consolidation: Bedtime for America, or a wake up call? Read it to your Children and Learn Well. And children, read it to each other and teach your parents: learn well who is running the United States in order to oppose them more effectively. Has the US presidency been part of the fascist international since 1900? Have data for pre-1900? add on!


[3] The larger point is that nothing short enough as an essay can deal with this topic, mine or anyone's, in my opinion. We are dealing with something that has been going on for quite some time as an international elite movement, the desire to swash any attempts at localist democracy or feedback into their grip. We are getting into the territory of books, in other words, instead of pithy webpages--if you actually want to know what is going on and thus plan to have something useful to do about it.

by kwantus 5:30pm Mon Nov 24 '03

Rubbish. The Japanese's condition was that they could keep their emperor. And after a few ten thousand human beings were vapourised and a few hundred thousand fried in 2 seconds, the emperor capitulated. The *other* emperor, that is--Truman. Must be the only time in history an extremely potent victor was the concessor in a surrender.

Obviously the Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombings actually were the demonstration we heard the scientists advocate; but demonstrating for the world who was now king of the hill. That the demonstration was on a live population merely amplified the "don't fu@k with us."

And the pity of it? As Vidal keeps pointing out, after all that tragedy, the supremacy lasted only five years.

please take this kind of stuff elsewhere
by Indymedia regular 5:49pm Mon Nov 24 '03

Conspiracy theories, which is what all of this shit is, are the most unhelpful, uninteresting garbage I can imagine.

When you have some ACTUAL FACTS not just insinuations and fictions, feel free to share them. But this whole "what about xyz? could it mean this?"

That's not news. It's not commentary. It's fiction.

I do not know a single person at the NYC IMC who holds these beliefs and I would like that to be crystal clear. Everything posted does not have to correspond to what people think at the IMC, but for those of us who live here, survived 911 and actually care about journalistic standards, this shit has no place.

It seems that you have your own websites. Speaking personally, I despise this stuff. That's all I can say.

by David Bell 6:08pm Mon Nov 24 '03

I have spent over 35 years in broadcasting. Have been observing the brainwashing of Americans since the John Kennedy assassination and the military's LSD experiments in the '60s. I know it's been going on for a lot longer than that and it just keeps getting worse.
Kudos to you for telling the truth.